Welcome to the Junior Rifle Team home page at SRC.

The Spokane Junior Rifle Team (SPJRC) at Spokane Rifle Club is one of the most active junior rifle programs in the United States. Youth are coached in small bore (.22 Caliber Rifle) and air rifle marksmanship by a cadre of volunteer coaches with a combined total experience of over 100 years.
Our team consists of shooters from diverse backgrounds with skill levels from beginner to Olympic level. Shooting is a competitive sport second to none in fostering the development of valuable life skills. Youth are guided in goal setting, self-improvement, time management, teamwork, sportsmanship, self-discipline and proper marksmanship techniques all in a fun, challenging and safe environment.
Our juniors compete locally, regionally, nationally and internationally in a wide variety of small bore and air rifle tournaments. Members from our team have gone on to be successful in the Olympics, Military, College and Business. The skills learned in our program are the exact same skills needed to excel in life. Several Spokane Junior Rifle Team members have gone on to the Olympics, the most recent being the summer Olympics held in 2012, London England. Others have gone on to college with NCAA scholarships.
You do not have to be an experienced shooter or have prior experience to get started. SPJRC has a Sporter air rifle program specifically designed to introduce youth to competitive marksmanship. Sporter Air Rifle is an entry level marksmanship program, developed for the inexperienced and younger shooter. Sporter Air Rifle requires minimal equipment and no experience. A new group will be starting in September.
The chairman and head coach of the junior program is Mike Furrer, he can be reached at 509 466-2895 or mfurrer@mo-ins.com. If you are a junior (appx ages 9-17) interested in small bore or air rifle or you know of someone with these interests come check out the program. Visitors are always welcome.
Requirements: A good attitude, Respect for all adults and team members, supportive parents and a desire to learn. If you don’t have these traits, don’t show up.

The 2014-15 Junior is posted below:

9/9/2014 Tue. Normal Tuesday night practice begins
10/11/2014 Sat. 100 Shot Offhand and Prone Match @SRC 9am
10/18-19/14 SS Havercroft 3200 Prone Match @SRC
10/25/2014 Sat. Clark Fisk @ TBD 9AM, 11AM

11/1/2014 Sat. PTO 3-P & Int’l Air @SRC 9AM USA Shooting
11/4/2014 Tue. Begin Spokesman Review Postals
11/8/2014 Sat. Clark Fisk @SRC 9AM, 11AM
11/22/2014 Sat. CMP Air Rifle Championship Precision and Sporter @SRC 9am
11/29/2014 Sat. Clark Fisk @ Sandpoint
12/6/2014 Sat. WA St. JORC 3P Championship @ SRC 9AM & 1PM
WA St. Air JORC (Offhand) C’ship @SRC 11AM & 3PM
USA Shooting
12/16/2014 Tue. Holiday Party and Fun Shoot @SRC (special guests?)

1/3/2015 Sat. INR&PA Combo Match @ Sandpoint
1/10/2015 Sat. NRA Jr. Sectionals @ SRC 3P .22 @9AM, Int’l Air 12PM
3P Air 2PM
1/17/2015 Sat. Clark Fisk @ Bonners Ferry & Davenport

1/31/2015 Sat. Clark Fisk @ Davenport & Bonners Ferry
2/7/2015 Sat. State Open Air Rifle Championships @SRC 9&11AM
2/14/2015 Sat. White Elephant Match @ Bonners Ferry
2/15/2015 Sun. WA JOARC Qualifier 3P (3x20) @ SRC 9&11:30AM CMP
2/21/2015 Sat. NRA Sectionals Int’l 3P @ 9AM, Int’l Air @ 12PM SRC
2/22/2015 Sun. NRA Sectionals Conv. 3P @8AM, Sporter 3P Air @12PM SRC
2/27-3/1/15 FSS 4P Sectional @ Bonners Ferry

3/7-8/2015 SS WA State 4P Championships @ Davenport
3/10/2015 Tue. Tue. Night Outdoor Practice Begins
3/19-22/15 T-S Big Horn Show
3/21/2015 Sat. WA State Jr. Indoor Championship 3P @SRC 8AM &
4/18-19/2015 SS Spokane Junior Camp@SRC Outdoor Range 9AM
4/4/2015 Sat. Columbia Match @ Sandpoint
4/25/2015 Sat. George Conner Match @SRC Outdoor Range
5/23-24/2015 Sat/Sun Bill Havercroft 3200